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"Look for the answer,
inside your question"



In my approach I apply different methods and techniques, based on Western and Eastern knowledge.

I take my years of work experience as an organizational consultant into account. The key is that you, in contact with yourself, find answers to your questions.


From the western perspective I use professional models, experiential exercises and role plays, which are also used in working life.


From the oriental perspective I apply ancient wisdom from the Tao and Buddhism. You can expect more intuitive exercises, such as visualizations, meditation and healing.


Depending on your coaching question, I combine both directions in my approach. Customers also refer to this as the 'Sas-mix'. I have been using this mix for 17 years for professionals in the public and private sector.

Werkwijze - Eiland in de stad
Werkwijze - Eiland in de stad


Here you will find a selection of the methods I use.


Western methods

  • Developmental Psychology

  • career development

  • Neurolinguistic Programming

  • Transactional Analysis

  • Work systemically

  • Influencing Styles


Eastern methods

  • reiki

  • Tao Healing Hands

  • Wim Hof Method

  • 5 element leather

  • Yin yang theory

  • Guided meditation

my power

My strong perception is my strength. I listen  to what is said between the lines. As a result, I often notice what remains hidden from others. I bring that to light.


I dare to confront, but always in such a way that I stay connected with the other. I use my humor and creativity to make depth also light and airy. And of course I am genuinely interested in everyone's story.

Werkwijze - Eiland in de stad
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