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“But time is life, and life exists in our hearts,
and the more of it that the people saved, the less they actually had.”

Michael Ende - Momo

my story

As a child I read a lot. My favorite book used to be

“Momo and the time savers”.Momo lives all alone in an old ruin outside the city. The neighborhood adores her, because Momo is a good listener. Then come the time savers who rush everyone. They control the whole city, except Momo. She continues to make time for herself and others.


Momo has always been an example to me. I like to be a haven for others, a mirror, a sounding board. An island in the city. From that point of view, researching what makes me and others happy is what drives me.


Saskia Schalekamp - mijn verhaal
Eiland in de stad - coaching & training

rudder overturned

After my study Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam, I opted for the corporate world as a consultant Twynstra Gudde. There I discovered my talent for coaching and learned the coaching profession.


But the adventure beckons! Together with my love I took a break andsailed in a year the Pacific Ocean round. One night I looked at the stars and realized: “I want to do more with my passion for music”!


So upon my return, I halved my job as a consultant at Twynstra Gudde, and still started studying Composition & Songwriting at the Utrecht Conservatory and released my own album.

new balance

When I became a mother of our twins in 2012, I looked for balance again and discovered that more freedom and flexibility would do me good. I decided to continue as an independent coach and trainer and also to make music; Island in the city was born. In this I could express my four core values; authenticity, creativity, depth and connection.


In collaboration with, among others Fresh Forces. Since then, I have been coaching and training professionals in business to discover and live the best version of themselves. In addition, I founded the music collective with Louise Hensen Fiere Vrouwen on. Together we produced two theater concerts, as songwriter and business/artistic director.

Saskia Schalekamp - mijn verhaal

sas time

Because I have changed course a few times, I know better than anyone how exciting it is to go for what you really want and what you can encounter on that path.

This is how I am by setting high standards for myself and letting go of my own limits in a burnout ended up. I learned a lot from that, especially that we as humans have a great self-healing capacity.


Since then, I have been more calm, gentle and self-compassionate. For instance, I now take care of enough sas recharging moments; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For instance, I go on regular retreats, take new courses, hike a week with girlfriends every year and make enough time for our family, family, friends and sports. And in 2022, we sailed the Pacific Ocean for seven months with our family. Making dreams come true is what makes me happy!

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