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"One does not need to understand the world, one only needs to know one's place in it."

Albert Einstein

systemic work



Want to learn to look at your team/organisation as a whole?

Discover what movement is needed?

And what that requires of you?

In a one-day training you learn the basic principles of systemic work and how to apply it in your daily work. You learn to look at your team or the organisation as a whole in a new way. Why do things go the way they do? You also learn what your part in the system is.

Through a team or organisation constellation, you discover the underlying patterns within your case. You explore how a small movement can make a big difference. You learn what is yours and what is the other person's. And you decide what to do. The training comprises 8-12 participants

For more information, please contact us without obligation.


Systemisch werken - Eiland in de stad
"The true is the whole."

George Hegel




"Very professional training, Saskia is way above the material. Also cool to incorporate personal elements into the training with skills."
"Good interactive training. It not only gave insight into how organisations 'work', but also how your personal past is now reflected in your work."
"In the set-ups, you also learn a lot from other people's situations."
"Saskia exudes a kind of calmness/openness that also makes it easy to share personal things yourself."

Participants about

the systemic work training

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