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“Each one carries within it something precious that cannot be found in any other.
To find that is his way”

Martin Buber

career coaching

Do you want to chart a new course?

Are you considering a new direction?

Do you want more energy from work?


In four to eight coaching conversations you will find out:

What drives you and what your strength is

What gives you satisfaction

How to realize that


Assignments covered include:

  • 360 degree feedback

  • Interests, competences and motives

  • Career plan with short and long term actions

Loopbaan coaching - Eiland in de stad
Loopbaan coaching - Eiland in de stad

steps in coaching

My goal as a coach is to help you formulate your question and find answers to your career question. We agree on concrete goals and a contract is concluded with you as coachee, me as coach and possibly your employer about the entire process.


To do this, we follow these steps:

  • Free telephone consultation

  • Proposal containing the price and approach

  • Extensive intake of 1.5 hours

  • Coach trajectory of 4 to 8 coaching conversations

  • Interim assignments

  • Evaluation of the coaching trajectory

The coaching takes place at the foot of a hundred-year-old willow tree in Breukelen or online.

"Life knows many roads, but of all those roads
is one you have to go."

Hans Stolp



Saskia heeft mij bijgestaan in mijn proces om het roer om te gooien. Ze heeft mij een aantal belangrijke dingen doen inzien en geholpen bij de stappen die ik vervolgens wilde zetten. Daarbij wist zij telkens de juiste snaar te raken en toon te zetten. Ik raad haar van harte aan.

Eveline Jacobs

Legal Counsel bij Ballast Nedam

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