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“Imagine the personal and organizational cost of failing to fully engage the passion, talent, and intelligence of the workforce. It is far greater than all taxes, interest charges, and labor costs put together!”

Stephen Covey

personal development

Professionals of today:

  • Seek meaning in their work

  • Want freedom and autonomy

  • In balance with themselves and their environment


As an employer you can contribute to this through a tailor-made personal development program, enabling professionals to:

  • Gain more insight into themselves and their environment

  • Be more strongly connected

  • Contribute more autonomously to the course of your company

Personal development - Eiland in de stad
Personal development - Eiland in de stad

co creation

Together we design the program

by considering questions such as:

  • What is the target group and desired outcome?

  • When is it a success?

  • Which working methods are best?

  • How do we make the link to practice?


Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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